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Class Action Research
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Class Action Research
Class Action Research is a litigation support company that works primarily with plaintiff attorney firms that specialize in class action and complex litigation. If you are looking for a CA legal services company that knows the ins and outs of filing in any California court and has deep rooted relationships throughout the US enabling us to get your serves into the field in a moment's notice, then we could be the firm for you.

Our focus is to provide the best hands on, dedicated customer service you can find anywhere in the industry. This is statement that any firm can make but that few actually fulfill on a daily basis. We are the only phone call you need to make to get something filed or served anywhere in the US.

We understand the ins and outs of complex litigation such as the time restraints of last minute class certification and lead plaintiff filings. We know what it's like to push the filing to the absolute last second and the consequences if it doesn't get filed on time. It takes a different mindset to truly understand the needs of firms that work in this high stress, last minute environment with millions of dollars at stake. We are flexible enough to work with very short time frames and able to function consistently under pressure. This is what we do best!

We understand derivative lawsuits and the requirements that must be followed prior to filing this type of action. We know what it means to drop, file and serve derivative cases and the importance of getting that first individual served immediately.

We are there when you need us, whether it's to help with an all night appellate filing that must be bound and filed tomorrow. A drop box filing that you thought could be e-filed in the SDNY but figure out that it has to be manually filed and it's now 6PM on the West Coast or getting 28 RUSH serves out over the weekend and it's Friday at 4PM. We don't work normal business hours of 8-5, we do whatever it takes to get the job done for you, whenever you need us.

If you are truly looking for something different from your legal service firm, personalized one on one customer service, a firm that listens and understands your needs and truly cares about you and the work you need done then contact us, you may be the type of client we are looking for.